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East Austin's Melody


Austin Parks Foundation



East Austin’s Melody is a mural based on Mr. Van Dyke’s recollections as a member of the East
Austin community since the 1950’s. Mr. Van Dyke found his passion for music at a young age.
Of course it didn’t hurt that his Aunt, Juanita Van Dyke was a music teacher who wrote the
Blackshear Elementary School song.
Community activities weren't something strange for the Manor/Downs Field and Rosewood Park
area. As he fondly recalls, music was not just an important part of his life but of his communitie’s
as well. He remembers getting together every Friday at the park during the summer time to play
music for the neighborhood.
“A lot of people, real people, lived in that community. This is what those people who lived in East
Austin built. This is what they produced. And that it was worth something”
- Mr. Van Dyke

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