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Three Sisters


Raasin in the Sun



Three Sisters is a collaboration with the young artists of Govalle
Elementary. During the 2021-2022 school year, the Govalle Elementary students made
artwork with the guidance of their teacher, Ariel Kay, that expressed their desire for a better
world. They created prints, collages, and zines that voiced the need for a healthy planet,
racial equality, and better living conditions for all humans and animals. Emblazoned on the
entrance to their school reads a mosaic, “plant seed of kindness,” a motto the students truly
embody. Chroma Collective took this inspiration and created Three Sisters, a mural on Bolm
Road in Austin, Texas. Three Sisters represents the indigenous gardening system of
planting squash, corn, and beans together. Using this method, the qualities of each plant
serve the other, protecting each other from pests and sun and nourishing the soil. As a
metaphor for community, Three Sisters features imagery of plants and people existing in
harmony, and the motto “plant seeds of kindness” as a nod to the community that exists
both at Govalle Elementary and the Govalle neighborhood as a whole.

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